Elections in sight at the elderly meeting center in via Montegrappa in Bra. Following the assembly of members of the past few weeks and the simultaneous presentation of candidates, Wednesday 21 November 2018, from 9 to 17 in the spaces of the meeting center, will proceed to vote for the renewal of the Steering Committee and the President.

You will vote with two cards: a white one that will show three boxes for the selection of candidates for the Steering Committee and one colored, with only one box for the choice of the President. Voting by proxy is not allowed.

The list of candidates and details of the voting operations are also published on the institutional website www.comune.bra.cn.it, in the "Personal Services / Meeting Center" section. More information at the headquarters of the center and in the municipal offices of the Personal Services. (Em)

Info: Bra City - Personal Services
tel. 0172.438234 - servizi.persona@comune.bra.cn.it