In autumn the lowering of the temperatures and the end of the vegetative cycles of the cultivations induces some species of insects to seek shelter in the houses. Among these, the bugs: not only the green ones, but also - for some years - the brown ones. This is a new species of Asian origin called Halyomorpha halys, which does not attack humans and is not a carrier of diseases but which is instead seriously harmful to agricultural crops, so much so as to determine, in some cases, the loss of whole harvest for a season.

Given the high presence throughout Piedmont, in order to inform and suggest the best management of the phenomenon, the Foundation for Research, Innovation and Development Agrion and the Phytosanitary Sector of the Piedmont Region, have created a special detail sheet. To prevent proliferation, according to the informative report, "it is necessary to ensure that bedbugs can not winter inside houses". In the card you can find useful tips both to prevent the entry of insects into homes and for their capture and disposal.

The information sheet on the Asian bug and the suggested management methods is published on the institutional website (Section "Services and procedures / Environment") and is distributed to the Public Relations Office of the Municipality of Bra (via Barbacana 6, second floor). For information and reports contact: o (Em)

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