In the next days the musical season of the "Gandino" institute of Bra starts again. Among the many proposals - individual instrument lessons, workshops, junior courses, theory and orchestra activities - this year also stands out a novelty: the new "Music for the Liturgy - Liturgical Organ" course of study will be activated, dedicated to the formation of the figure of the liturgical organist, who supports the religious functions and actively collaborates in the life of the parishes. A role with authoritative forerunners, if you think that Giuseppe Verdi himself started his musical career just playing the organ in the church of Roncole.

The course is structured over three years and offers a broad but targeted training. In the first year the course will address the study of the piano and the organ. The piano lessons, designed to provide the necessary basic technique, will take place in the classrooms of the "A. Gandino "in via Parpera 16, while the organ lessons will be in the Church of S. Giovanni, thanks also to the availability of the parish priest Don Gilberto Garrone. In the second year the lessons of liturgy and choral direction will be added to the instrumental lessons, and then the three subjects of study will be consolidated in the third, on the basis of the individual objectives achieved by each student.

The course of the first year, which will be activated with a minimum of four students, is divided into 20 lessons for an hour, of which 18 individual and two collective. For information and registration contact the secretary of "Gandino" from Monday to Friday on time 14.30-19.30, tel. 0172.44465. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - "A. Gandino "
tel. 0172.44465