"Bra also had its castle": it is the title of the historical theme conference scheduled for Saturday 13 October 2018, at 21, at Palazzo Traversa. Father Luca Pier Giorgio Isella, Capuchin friar, illustrates his publication "Hypothesis on the structure of the late medieval castle of Bra and the church of Santa Maria del castello" published in the magazine "Studi Piemontesi". The work is the result of a careful historical research begun to reconstruct the history of the Capuchins under the Zizzola and near the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli where they are still present today. Admission to the conference is free. For more info www.turismoinbra.it - ​​0172 423880. (it's at)

Info: City Bra - Traversa Palace
tel. 0172.423880 - traversa@comune.bra.cn.it