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The second phase of the Permanent Census of Population and Housing will start next October 2019. Unlike the censuses of the past, which were carried out every 10 years (the last was carried out in 2011), according to the new provisions at European level, the censuses will be permanent, i.e. they will be carried out annually, and on a sample basis, i.e. they will no longer involve all Municipalities, all citizens and the entire municipal area but, from time to time, only a part of them. The general census plan prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) provides for four separate surveys to be carried out in the years from 2018 to 2021, in order to arrive in this last year at a "statistical photograph" as exact as possible of our country: Bra is among the municipalities that will carry out this annual sample survey in all four years.


The purposes of the Census are:

- fulfill the collection obligations established by the Community Regulations;
- produce a statistical information framework on the main structural characteristics of the population at national, regional and local level;
- determine the legal population of the territory
- provide data and information useful for the revision and updating of municipal registry registers;
- to produce information on the number of dwellings and on the characteristics of those occupied.


The 2019 permanent census will be divided into two surveys, carried out on a sample basis:

- the aeral detection: this is a door-to-door survey of families present in a given area or municipal address, identified by ISTAT by computer, carried out by a person in charge of the Municipality with an identification card (Detector); the families involved will be notified through posters, as well as a letter and an invitation card inserted by the Surveyors in the letterboxes of the addresses concerned, and will be subjected to an interview by a surveyor at your home;

- the detection from the list: the families involved (electronically drawn at national level with certain statistical criteria) will receive a letter from ISTAT with an invitation to fill in the online questionnaire.


What changes for families

The family may be called to participate in one of two different sample surveys or not be involved in the current edition of the census:

-> The family receives a letter inviting her to fill in the online questionnaire: it is part of the list survey sample.
-> The family is informed of thearrival of a detector, through a non-nominative letter and a poster posted in the entrance halls, in the courtyards of the buildings, in the houses: it is part of the area survey sample.
-> The family does not receive any letters: it is not part of the sample.


As it happened in the past, also for the Permanent Census the obligation of a complete and truthful reply is foreseen, (according to what is sanctioned by art.7 of Legislative Decree 6 September 1989 n. 322):
• by the families involved in the Areal Survey, through the on-site interview by the Surveyor;
• by the families involved in the Survey from the list, through the online compilation of the questionnaires (no longer on paper as in the past) prepared by ISTAT: for the compilation of the computer questionnaires, the families who so wish can be helped by the staff of the Center municipal survey, also by telephone or with the help of municipal surveyors.

Survey Center of the Municipality of Bra
c / o Ufficio Censimento, via Barbacana 6, ground floor
tel. 0172.438259 or 0172.438242

Responsible manager: Costanzo Fissore
Responsible for the procedure: Roberta Perrotta


More information on the Istat website (by clicking on the image):