The company "2i Rete Gas" has announced that in the next few days it will perform work to replace some pipelines in the city's gas-methane network, as part of functional interventions to safety through the modernization of existing infrastructures. In particular, starting from Monday 18 June 2018 the company will intervene in via Ospedale and via Craveri. To allow the execution of the works, in via Ospedale will be established the alternating one way traffic regulated by traffic light system or movieri, while via Craveri will remain closed to traffic during the day, to be reopened to transit in both directions of travel at the conclusion of each day of intervention. The total duration of the construction site is about six weeks.

The changes to the road system will be appropriately indicated through vertical signs. For more information contact the Public Works office of the City of Bra at 0172.438346. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Public Works
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