It is dedicated to the 'constituent mothers', 21 women who in the 1946 were elected in the Assembly who laid off the supreme law of our State, the exhibition set up at Palazzo Mathis di Bra, by the students of the third class secondary schools . The event was presented this morning in the baroque headquarters of Piazza Caduti for the 20 Freedom, in the presence of the students of Braida who worked on the project, the Culture Councilor Fabio Bailo and the teachers Marina Isu and Luca Varbaro.

"This exhibition tells the fundamental contribution made by women to the creation of a new Italy - commented Bailo -. The Constitution, a text of extraordinary actuality, is alive and walking thanks to you, who have studied it and made it yours, knowing how to bring to light the faces and stories of those who contributed to writing this important page of our history ".

The exhibition, included among the events organized on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, can be visited with free admission during the opening hours of Palazzo Mathis. More information by calling the Culture and Tourism office at 0172 / 430185. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Culture and Tourism Office

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