In order to implement the so-called whistleblowing, the Municipality of Bra has activated the mailbox dedicated to the collection of reports

To ensure maximum confidentiality, the box is monitored exclusively from the Head of Transparency and the Prevention of Corruption of the Body.

This procedure is reserved for employees of the Municipality of Bra.

Reporting mode:

The employee who intends to report can use the attached template, sending it via e-mail to the following address:

The report may include documents deemed of interest also for the purposes of appropriate checks by the Administration on the events reported. Reports of unlawful conduct can also be sent by ordinary post, in a sealed envelope addressed to the Head of Prevention of Corruption of the Municipality of Bra, identified in the person of the Secretary-General dr. Claudio Chianese, or by verbal appointment with the same.

Guarantees for those reporting illicit conduct

Those who make reports enjoy specific forms of protection according to the law, in particular:

  • the protection of anonymity;
  • protection and protection against any form of discrimination deriving from the report;
  • the subtraction of reports from the right of access.

Download this file (Model-reporting-illicit.pdf)Model-signaling-illeciti.pdf[Model for reporting abuse]588 kB