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4 March 2018_The vote in Bra: turnouts and results



Opening hours to the public of the Electoral Office

The Electoral Office of the Municipality of Bra (via Barbacana, 6 - first floor - tel. 0172.438386) will remain open on Friday and Saturday before voting, from 9 to 18 e on the Sunday of the vote from 7 to 23, available to voters:

- for the renewal of the electoral card;

- for collection by those who have not yet received it;

- for the release of the duplicate to those who had lost it;

- for any clarification concerning the consultation.


Option to exercise the correspondence vote in the foreign constituency

Deadline for submitting option: January 31 2018
Italian voters who, for work, study or medical care, are temporarily abroad for a period of at least three months in which the date of the 4 March 2018 election consultation falls, may produce an express option - valid only for the same electoral consultation to which it refers - to exercise the vote by correspondence in the foreign constituency for lists of candidates presented in the division where they reside.

The option for voting in the overseas constituency may also be produced by family members living with them.
The option must be received by the Italian municipality of registration in the electoral lists no later than the thirty-second day before the date of the elections, i.e. by January 31, 2018 (article 4-bis of the law December 27, 2001, n.459, inserted 6 of 2015 May 52, and recently amended by Article 6, paragraph 2, letter a), of Law 3 of 2017 November 165).
To exercise the option, the model reproduced in an accessible and editable format may be used.

It is also communicated that voters residing abroad who intend to exercise the right to vote in Italy at their AIRE registration municipality for the electoral consultation of 4 March 2018 will be able to produce a specific option to that effect - valid only for the same consultation. to which it refers - using the model specifically prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by the Dicastery itself, disseminated through diplomatic and consular representations.
The form can be completed and sent by voters residing abroad to the relevant Consulate by and no later than 8 January 2018.


Opening hours of the municipal offices for the issue of certificates of registration on the electoral lists

In order to guarantee the immediate release - within 24 hours of the request - of the certifications for the presentation of candidacies, the electoral office of the Municipality of Bra will remain open on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 January 2018, the days scheduled for the presentation of candidacies, from 8 to 20. The Electoral Office will also remain open on the previous days: Thursday 25th from 15 to 16, Friday 26 from 14 to 17, Saturday 27 from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 17. 


Location of the electoral spaces: In the Attachments section you can find the list of electoral spaces with their location and the indications for their use for the lists of Candidates respectively in the Chamber and in the Senate.


All information on the 2018 election on the portal of the Ministry of the Interior "Eligendo"



Download this file (2018_elezioni4marzo_votodisabili.pdf)2018_elezioni4marzo_votodisabili.pdf[2018 Political elections Disabled vote]522 kB
Download this file (doc03008120180322112559_001.pdf)proclaimed elected Chamber[Elect Room]327 kB
Download this file (doc03008120180322112559_002.pdf)proclaimed elected Senate[Eletti Senato]324 kB
Download this file (esami2018_assegnazione spazi propaganda Camera.pdf)elections2018_assignment space propaganda Camera.pdf[2018 Political elections Room propaganda spaces]59 kB
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Download this file (iezioni2018_candidati camera.pdf)elections2018_candidati camera.pdf[2018 political elections Candidates for the Chamber of Deputies]98 kB
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Download this file (Mod_Option_Voto_Elezioni_Politiche_2018_vers_07Accessibile.pdf)Mod_Opzione_Voto_Elezioni_Politiche_2018_vers_07Accessibile.pdf[Political elections 2018_Module form vote by correspondence]535 kB
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