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Normative References

Law Decree 25.07.1998 n. 286 - art. 7

... "Anyone, for any reason, gives accommodation or hosts a foreigner or stateless person, even if a relative or similar, or hires him for any reason under his own authority or transfers to him the ownership or enjoyment of real estate, rustic or urban, places within the territory of the State, is required to notify the local public security authority in writing within forty-eight hours.

The communication includes, in addition to the personal details of the complainant, those of the foreigner or stateless person, the details of the passport or identification document concerning him, the exact location of the property sold or in which the person is housed, hosted or provides service and the title for which the communication is due "...


info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

via Moffa of Lisio, 24 - 12042 Bra (Cn) - Italy

tel. (+ 39) 0172.413744 - e mail: municipal police@

Download this file (INVITATION AND HOSPITALITY DECLARATION.pdf)INVITATION AND HOSPITALITY DECLARATION.pdf[Invitation and hospitality declaration - form]52 kB
Download this file (HOSPITALITY DECLARATION.pdf)HOSPITALITY DECLARATION.pdf[Declaration of hospitality - form]80 kB