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With reference to the certification of payments required to obtain the facilities for the frequency of the nursery school (1, 355, L. 232 / 2016 - Budget Act for the 2017 financial year) the attestation that will The Office of Economic Income of the Municipality of Bra will report the following:

  • naming and game IVA of the nursery municipal nursery,
  • Tax Code of the Attendant,
  • reference period,
  • payment terms

It is not possible to attest, as it is not to the acts, the "Parent's Name Supporting the Boundary of the Law" envisaged in circular Inps n. 88 22.05.2017. Given this, it will have to be self-certified by the parent, transmitting it to the Inps together with the documentation released by the office.

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Download this file (bonusnido_2017.pdf)2017 year notice.[2017 Year Notice.]113 kB