There was a recent survey of electromagnetic fields in Bra. Subject of the audits, conducted by the Environment Council in collaboration with the engineers of the Regional Agencies for Environmental Protection ARPA of Cuneo and Ivrea and involvement Italian Amateur Radio Association, has been monitoring compliance with the emission limits in the law some areas of the city, also following the signaling of possible electromagnetic interference with a domestic boiler.

During the monitoring, whose report can be consulted in the Electromagnetic Environment / Electromagnetic Pollution section of the institutional site, the ground level of electromagnetic field was detected and the use of antennas provided to radio amateurs operating in the city. The outcome of the measures has fully affirmed the respect of the exposure limits and the values ​​of attention for electromagnetic fields on all frequencies used, even under the maximum power provided. It has also been found that the reported interference with a domestic thermal device depended on an electromagnetic compatibility problem of the implant itself; replacement by the manufacturer of the electronic board of the boiler has resolved the malfunction.

"Detection has allowed us to test field and exposure levels in some potentially more exposed urban areas, confirming full compliance with legal limits, to ensure the health of the population," said Mayor Bruna Sibille and the councilor to the Environment Sara Cravero -. We thank the technicians of Arpa and those of the City for their active collaboration. Within the framework of a special agreement with Arpa Cuneo, more surveys are taking place in different areas of the city. " (Em)

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