Opens in the municipality of Bra a new Forestry Information Point in which to receive information on existing environmental and forestry standards and to facilitate the collection of information on forest cuts. The initiative is part of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Plan of the Piemonte Region (Measure 1) and is realized with the collaboration of Ipla Spa (Institute for Wood and Environment). The Bra door will be active until December 2017, every Tuesday from 8,30 to 13,30 and from 14,30 to 17,30 with access from Via Barbacana, 5 (close-up, at the Transport Office).

The project to which the Municipality of Bra has joined in September is being developed by the Institute for Wood and Environment (Ipla Spa) and approved by the Regional Council to the Mountain. It consists of providing an information service on professional technical issues of forestry interest in the more marginal areas of the regional territory, which are not covered by forestry branches, which have good development potential for the reference sector. Free professionals and forest and environmental experts are at the disposal of citizens to answer their questions and distribute information material on the subject.

At Bra, once a week, will be present the technical doctor Stefano Rapallino. During the opening hours, you can also contact technicians at 0172 438291 by telephone. To access the door outside the communal office opening hours (between 12,45 and 13,30, 14 and 15, and between 16 and 17,30, you must contact the technician in advance at 349 8372690. Forestry information points of the Piedmont Region and specifically the operation of the Bra door will also be held a public meeting Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 20,30 in the conference room of the multifunctional center "Arpino" of Bra.

Info: City of Bra - Agriculture Office

Tel. 0172.438331 -