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A call for applications is launched for the formation of a list of graduates and / or graduates to be drawn on for activation n. 4 placement / reintegration internships at the offices and services of the Municipality of Bra.

Each internship provides for the performance of n. 20 hours of work per week to be provided at the Municipal Offices. The expected duration of the internship is 6 months starting indicatively from the month of May 2018 until the month of September / October 2018 (and one from September 2018 onwards). Pursuant to the aforementioned current legislation, internships will not be extendable or repeatable.
A participation allowance of 350 euros per month is foreseen. 

Internships will take place in the following Offices and Services:

- n. 1 at the Financial Services Department

- n. 1 at the Home Office

- n. 1 at Demographic Services

- n. 1 at the Isee School Services and Benefits Office (from September 2018)

During the year, further internships may be activated in other Offices / Services of the Municipality of Bra, in the event and to the extent that further resources are received by the Municipality to be allocated to this active employment policy initiative. 350,00 per month for each trainee.

Applicants may apply for admission to the training placement subject to the following requirements:

 - they have completed 18 years and have not exceeded the 32 years on the date of expiry of the notice;

- Italian citizenship or citizenship of a European Union country and, if non-EU citizens, in possession of a suitable valid residence permit; - residence in the Municipality of Bra;

- they have not issued criminal convictions and are in possession of political and civil rights;

- who have obtained a high school diploma

- unemployed or unemployed registered at the Employment Center of Alba-Bra and immediately available

Attached is the complete announcement and the indications for how to submit applications.
Expiration 13 April 2018