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Local tax collection is usually done by self-solicitation on the basis of payment notices provided by the Bra Municipality (such as in the case of TARI and Tosap) or by spontaneous payment made by the taxpayer, by calculating the amount also through the services on line on this portal.

Payment must be made by F24 for some types of tax (Imu, Tasi, Tari) by means of a postal bill for others (Tosap).


Coactive recovery

In the case of non-payment, both with regard to local taxes and other revenue (eg fines or municipal service fees), collection activities are entrusted to a concessionaire for the collection of taxes, MT - Maggioli Tributes. This company will deliver taxpayers and other payment documents to taxpayers. Payments that can be made by wire transfer or newsletter on postal current account no. 1033262518 headed to "MT Spa Comune of Bra Recurrence coacted to other revenue".


operational headquarters of Savigliano, Via Savio Fedele 11 / A

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9-13 hours; Monday to Thursday, 14 hours: 30-17

mail: - ​​PEC:

contact center: 0541.628390 phone, Monday to Friday at 9-12: 30 and 14.30-17



Debt collection

Following the liquidation of the previous collection concessionaire, the company Gec spa, the Municipality of Bra has entrusted the credit recovery company Assist srl (formerly Atrea srl) with the task of collecting the amount still to be paid from the previous concessionaire. This company will contact the taxpayers for the recovery of the debt. Payments that can be made by bank transfer or bulletin to postal current account no. 91350553 in the name of "Municipality of Bra Credit collection".


Contact center: 011.0447492 phone, Monday to Friday at 9 - 14

Bra Door at Municipal Tribute Office, via San Giovanni Battista 2

Hours: Friday morning from 8: 30 to 12: 30

Web sites:


Download this file (dilazione_richiesta_coactive.docx)extension_richiesta_coactive.docx[Deferral of compulsory collection payments. Physical person request form.]7 kB
Download this file (dilazione_richiesta_personegiuridiche_coactive.docx)deferment_richiesta_juridiche_coactive.docx[Deferral of compulsory collection payments. Legal entity request form.]7 kB