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Citizens can submit reports to the Municipal Police Command to represent various problems relating to road conditions, traffic, decorum, ...

Reports can be made by telephone, by email, in person at the Command or through the Municipium App. Below, the forms for communication to the competent offices. 

info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

via Moffa of Lisio, 24 - 12042 Bra (Cn) - Italy

tel. (+ 39) 0172.413744 - fax (+ 39) 0172.422910 - e mail: police@

Download this file (DANGEROUS HOLE SIGNALING.pdf)DANGEROUS HOLE SIGNALING.pdf[Signaling dangerous hole]77 kB
Download this file (GENERAL REPORT.pdf)GENERAL REPORTING.pdf[Generic reporting]71 kB
Download this file (SIGNALING OFF LAMP.pdf)SIGNALING OFF LAMP.pdf[Lamp off signal]77 kB
Download this file (SIGNALING ABANDONED VEHICLE.pdf)SIGNALING ABANDONED VEHICLE.pdf[Abandoned vehicle reporting]75 kB