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By decree of the President of the Republic of 27 September 2016, on December 4 December 2016 was convened the popular referendum confirming the constitutional law, with the following question:
"Approve the text of the Constitutional Law on Provisions for overcoming bicameralism, reducing the number of parliamentarians, curbing the operating costs of the institutions, abolishing the CNEL and revision of Title V of Part II of the Constitution approved by Parliament and published in the 88 15 Official Journal 2016 April XNUMX? "

You vote in the single day of Sunday 4 December from 7 hours at 23.


Bare data in real time.


The Electoral Office of the Municipality of Bra will remain open on the Friday and Saturday before the vote from 9 to 18 and on the Sunday of the vote from 7 to 23, available to voters:

- for the renewal of the electoral card;
- for the retirement of those who had not yet received it;
- for the release of the duplicate to those who had lost it;
- for any clarification concerning the consultation.

In the space reserved for the attachments, the documents are useful for the consultation.

Download this file (agevolazioni viaggi.pdf)agevolazioni viaggi.pdf[Communication Travel Facilitation]226 kB
Download this file (Comizi_17.10.2016.pdf)Call Comizi_17.10.2016.pdf[Comigning]433 kB
Download this file (mod_opzione_voto_referendum_cost_4_12_2016_r2.pdf)mod_opzione_voto_referendum_cost_4_12_2016_r2.pdf[Option to vote by mail order]541 kB
Download this file (Office Hours and Retirements.pdf)Office Hours and Retirements.pdf[Election office timetables]59 kB
Download this file (Referendum 4 December 2016 updated.pdf)Referendum 4 December 2016 updated.pdf[Italian Vote Abroad]622 kB
Download this file (vote home 4-12-16.pdf)Home Rating[Home]557 kB