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Conditions and procedures for the disbursement of a benefit through prepaid ReI Card to families in disadvantaged economic conditions starting from 1 December 2017

The ReI - Income of Inclusion - is a new national measure to combat poverty of a universal nature, which provides an economic benefit to economically disadvantaged families. The ReI consists of two parts:
1. ECONOMIC BENEFIT, paid monthly through an electronic payment card;
2. PERSONALIZED PROJECT for activation and social and work inclusion aimed at overcoming the conditions of poverty.

IL ECONOMIC BENEFIT it is paid through the REI CARD, a payment card that can be used for:
a) purchases in all supermarkets, food shops, pharmacies and parapharmacies authorized for the MasterCard circuit;
b) Payment of electricity and gas bills at post offices;
c) To withdraw cash within a monthly limit, not exceeding half of the maximum attributable benefit.
d) The economic benefit lasts for eighteen months. The amount depends on the number of family members and on the so-called “disposable income” and can vary from Euro 187,50 per month and up to a maximum of Euro 485,41 per month.

IL PERSONALIZED PROJECT: the subsidy is subject to a personalized social and work activation project prepared by the Social Services, networked with employment services, health services, schools, private individuals and non-profit organizations. The project involves all members of the family unit and provides for specific commitments for adults and minors on the basis of a global assessment of problems and needs. Mutual responsibilities derive from the project.

Family units within which one of the following conditions is present at the time of submitting the application and for the entire duration of the benefit can access the REI:
 The presence of a minor component;
 Presence of a person with disabilities and at least one parent or guardian;
 Presence of a pregnant woman found;
 Presence of a member who has turned 55, with specific unemployment requirements.

General requirements for residence and stay
The applicant must possess the following general requirements at the time of submitting the application and for the entire duration of the benefit payment:
 be resident in Italy for at least two years.
 be an Italian citizen or a Community citizen
 family member of an Italian or EU citizen holding the right of residence or the right of permanent residence or
 foreign citizen in possession of the EC residence permit for long-term residents; or
 international protection holders

Economic Condition:
The family unit must possess the following general requirements at the time of submitting the application and for the entire duration of the disbursement of the benefit:
 ISEE validity not exceeding equal to or not exceeding 6.000 euros;
 ISRE equal to or not higher than 3.000 euro;
 A value of the real estate assets, other than the home, not exceeding 20.000,00 euros;
 A value of the movable assets not exceeding 10.000 euros (reduced to 8.000 euros for the couple and 6.000 euros for the single person)

Other requirements
To access the REI it is also necessary that each member of the family unit:
 does not already receive social insurance benefits for employment (NASpI) or other social safety nets for income support in the event of involuntary unemployment;
 does not own motor vehicles and / or motorcycles registered for the first time in the 24 months prior to the request (motor vehicles and motor vehicles for which
a tax break in favor of people with disabilities);
 Do not own boats and pleasure craft (Art. 3, c.1, D.Lgs. 171 / 2005).

How to access REI and get REI card
The application can be submitted to the Municipality of Bra - ISEE Office, starting from the date of 1 DECEMBER 2017, on a form prepared by INPS.
The application form will be made available immediately upon approval and publication.
The following documentation must be attached to the application, duly completed:
 Photocopy of a valid identity document
 Current ISEE certificate complete with DSU
 Since the ordinary ISEE expires in January of each year, in order to avoid suspension of the benefit, whoever submits the REI application in the month of
December 2017 will have to renew the ISEE by March 2018. Instead, those who submit the application for REI from 1 January 2018, will already have
already have the 2018 ISEE certificate.

Applications will be evaluated in chronological order, based on the submission date starting from 1 December 2017. The inclusion income (REI) will be paid starting from 1 January 2018.

For information and help in completing the application, it is possible to contact the Social Service office ASL CN2 at the Municipality of Bra - Personal Services Department (Ground floor) on Monday 09.00-12.00 and Wednesday 09.00-11.00 or call for a appointment at the following telephone numbers: 0172 438153 - 0172 420711- 320 4654644.

Those to whom the SIA was recognized in 2017 will continue to receive the related economic benefit, for the entire duration and according to the established methods. The beneficiaries of the SIA will also be enabled, starting from 1 January 2018, to withdraw cash within the limit set for the REI (240 euros per month). If the beneficiaries of the EIS also meet the requirements to access the new measure, they can request the transformation of the EIS into an REI. In any case, the enjoyment of the greater benefit will be guaranteed. If you decide to pass from the SIA to the REI, the duration of the REI will be reduced by the number of months for which the SIA was received. In this case, the benefit will be paid on the same payment card.

Those who already benefit from the EIS and do not intend to pass to the REI, upon expiry of the EIS can still request access to the REI, if they meet the requirements. In this case, the REI will have a maximum duration of 6 months, in order to ensure overall coverage of the benefit (SIA + REI) of 18 months.

Those who have finished using the EIS with the two-month period September / October 2017 and who qualify to access the REI will also receive the benefit in the two-month period November / December, in order not to interrupt the benefit.

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