Last week, the E-Bike municipal police operation was completed, which allowed seven bicycle fires to be recovered for a total value of about 4 thousand euros and a deferment of the release to the Public Prosecutor's Office Republic of Asti of three people and another person at the Prosecution of the Republic at the Juvenile Court of Piemonte. The operation takes its name from the recurrence, as well as numerous traditional mid-range bikes, an "E-Bike" - a pedal-assisted bicycle that is taking more and more foot on the city streets.

Already for months, following some reports of bicycle bombardment in the city, the municipal police in Braids had begun investigations to trace back to the perpetrators and possibly retrieve the stolen means: the judicial police staff had been screening numerous testimonies, images, checked the position of some subjects until, in the past few days, had not been stolen an "e-bike" to a trader of the central via Principi di Piemonte. The operator immediately filed a complaint with the police police office of the town of Braidide and the agents started the investigation: from the examination of the videos of the cameras of video surveillance, they could reconstruct exactly the facts. In fact, the offenders were taken back at the time of commission of the offense. Thanks to other cameras installed in the business area of ​​the area, it was possible to define the faces of the three subjects, two youngsters and a minor girl.
Thanks to the cameras, it was also possible to ascertain that the three, in addition to taking over the "e-bike", had also been hired by a mountain bike housed inside a garage and owned by a commercial operation in the area. Also received by the complainant of the mountain bike owner, the attention of the agents was directed at the identification of the three subjects. Consequently, suitable monitoring services were provided for the main green areas of the city, as well as to the entrance and exit of the students from the major high schools.
In one of these services near the schools, municipal policemen, they noticed the young minor girl. After a brief observation of the same, the agents took note of the vehicle on which it was moving away. The property and composition of the family were found, and it turned out that the young man was the daughter of the owner of the vehicle. Subsequently, the agents verified the young man's Facebook profile and related friendships, ascertaining that the child's boyfriend was the author of assisted bicycle riding theft. It was thus possible to ascertain the generality of the young man.
After informing the fact that the deputy prosecutor of the Republic at the Court of Asti, the staff of the municipal police of Bra, at the dawn lights, conducted a home search for the young man's apartment, recovering the bicycle belonging to the contract and some objects on the "e-bike" but not the bicycle. Police officers found in the apartment that there was also the second young man, the author of mountain bike theft, a 20-year-old domiciled in the city with numerous specific criminal records, as well as the author of the bike theft. The two were taken to the barracks of Via Moffa di Lisio in standstill and, here, the child was also summoned together with the mother.
The three, after drafting the rite acts, were deferred in the state of liberty to the judicial authority for aggravated theft aggravated offenses. At the same time, the agents checked the tabs and the cell phones of the three subjects, as well as showing that they had photographs of the two stolen bicycles in Via Principi di Piemonte: young adults had sent photos to other subjects in order to retrieve the refurtive. At this point the agents carried out a series of searches in the city and beyond.
During a search in the municipality of Narzole, municipal police officers found both the "e-bike" being dismantled and five more bicycles already dismounted and packed and ready to be shipped to Morocco. All the speedboats were put under judicial seizure while the man was deported to the Procuratorate of the Republic at the Court of Asti for the offenses of acceptance and neglect of purchase. After the replacement, bicycle photos will be published in order to be returned to the rightful owners. (Municipal Police of Bra)