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The official responsible for IMU, TARI, ICP, Tosap, Tourist Tax is Raffaele Grillo, manager of the financial division.

According to art. 1, 662 and 663, of the L. 147 / 2013 to the Tax Responsible Officer are attributed "all the functions and powers for the exercise of any organizational and management activity associated with the assigned fees, including that of subscribing to the measures relating to such activity as well as the legal representation in the disputes relating to the tax itself beyond, for the purpose of verifying the correct fulfillment of the tax obligations, the ability to send questionnaires to the taxpayer, to request data and information to public offices or to service bodies exempt from rights and expenses, to have access to the premises and to the taxable areas and to carry out all the above mentioned activities also in respect of the taxes charged and abolished by the establishment of the Single Municipal Tax and previous legislative changes including 'Ici, Tarsu and Tares'.


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