In August of the 2014, a Bra State Police patrol had seized a Fiat Multipla because the agents, with the help of the computerized "Targa system" system, had determined that they were running with the expired insurance for six months. After challenging the heavy violation, the agents had entrusted the vehicle, as foreseen by law, to the same driver who had carried it to his residence using a wagon.

Bra's municipal police: control activities

The driver, in the sixty days after the contest, had not paid the insurance due and the sanction imposed by the agents. For this reason, the litigation office of the Beirut command sent the acts to the Prefecture of Cuneo, which in May 2015 had the confiscation of the vehicle. By law, after thirty days from the notification of the confiscation order, the person concerned should have carried the vehicle within the next thirty days in one of the court records found by the Prefecture.
As the man did not provide, the officers of the municipal police in Braidé have reached their domicile to carry out the forced recovery of the vehicle, discovering that it had been sold to a young Mondovì couple. The treacherous agents, with the valuable collaboration of Mondovì's colleagues, summoned the new owners to the monegalese command of the municipal police, communicating the bitter news and taking over the car. These have immediately filed a complaint against the owner who will have to respond to a scam, breach of custody of the seized property and removal of seals. (Municipal Police of Bra)