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One in three is out of work. Yet Italian reality is dotted with characters that each day with their skills and their knowledge draw a new future. Some are well-established talents, some just blossomed. Huge potential made of contemporary stories that speak the language of creativity and innovation. In a scenario where work is scarce, access to virtuous models that can be inspired is also lacking. We imagined an open space where to meet these talents and tell their experiences. A strategic and vital incubator of ideas, research and applied arts where access to resources, innovative ideas, useful relationships, and inspiration from the work of others. This is how the Future In Your Hands is born, created by the ARTZ cultural association in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra. An innovative and breath-taking festival in the tranquil northwestern province, where prevalence is not the usual Italian vetustra and gerontocratica but an Italian made of biodiversity and multidisciplinarity, talent and insights.


It is divided into three days, starting on Thursday 26 November 2015, the event, which has come to its fifth year of life, will propose various situations within which the selected talents will be openly confronted with the present audience. In the mornings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at the Polyphonic Center Giovanni Arpino di Bra, debates and meetings will be held, specifically addressed to students but open to the public.

Thursday November 26
Hours 10: 00-11: 00 // Social Status
Hours 11: 15-12: 30 // Great
Giovanni Arpino Multifunctional Center
(Wide Resistance - BRA)

Friday November 27
Hours 10: 00-11: 00 // Sarah Mazzetti
Hours 11: 15-12: 30 // Maruego
Giovanni Arpino Multifunctional Center
(Wide Resistance - BRA)

Friday November 27
22 hours: 30
Ancient Cafe Boglione
(Via Cavour, 12 - BRA)

Saturday November 28
Hours 10: 00-11: 00 // Tommaso Paradiso (TheGiornalists)
Hours 11: 15-12: 30 // theShow
Giovanni Arpino Multifunctional Center
(Wide Resistance - BRA)


Class 1993, Marco Cappai, in MADH art, comes from Carbonia, Sardinia. He came second to XFactor last year and is absolutely one of the most popular faces produced by Sky talent show. From the Sardinian province to the peaks of the Italian charts in a couple of years, Madh has conquered Fedez and the Italian public with a contemporary international sound, rich in influences from club music. His debut album is called Madhitation. He is currently among the 60 artists who will contest the finals of the next edition of Sanremo in the section Young people.

The Social State
Band of Bolognese born in the 2009 by five old-time friends. Two behind-the-scenes, Tourists of Democracy, 2012, and The Worst of Italy, by 2014, who made them one of the top names of the independent Italian music scene. With their electro-pop singer-songwriting they turned their long and wide boot and collected hundreds of concerts, while at the same time on the web, where they are one of the most closely-watched reality at the national level. Hundreds of thousands of social followers and a unique media polarization capability.

Born in 1992 at Berrechid but raised in Milan, the young Moroccan rapper is one of the most exciting talents of the hip-hop Italian scene. He debuts in the 2014 with the mixtape you got from the 2nd Roof and continues his ascent in the 2015 collaborating with Vero, the last solo work by Gue Pequeno of Club Dogo, which took him under his guard wing. He has just released MITB's free-download disk that contains On The Same Boat, a piece of complaint that reveals the glamorous and disenchanted look of the clandestine immigration drama. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters of the entire contemporary Italian music scene.

Sarah Mazzetti
Sarah Mazzetti is an Italian illustrator born in Bologna in 1985. His experience in the field of visual communication covers various fields, from periodical to poster design, from publishing projects to short animations, all dressed in a personal style that has made it, even abroad, one of the most famous names appreciated among the new Italian talents in the industry. His prestigious collaborations with The New York Times, Eni, Gq Italy, The Fader, Feltrinelli (with a miraculous work for Michele Serra's books), The Il Sole 24 Hours, Vice Us.

Tommaso Paradiso - The Journalists
Tommaso Paradiso, the 83 class, is the author and the voice of The Journalists, an active Roman band from 2011 with three albums behind, the latter, Fuoricampo, which has been a great hit by critics and audiences. Currently End of Summer, the third single released from the album, is scheduled by Radio Deejay and the major national radio stations. Tommaso is also the author of the most talked Italian song of the time, the hit Luca Lo Stesso by Luca Carboni, who brought him to the forefront as one of the most exciting signatures of the Italian music scene of today.

Alessio Stigliano and Alessandro Tenace, in the art The Show are two Milanese students. The first environmental architecture study at the Politecnico di Milano, the second Automation Engineering. In October, 2013 created the "theShow" channel where the kids focus on social jokes and experiments. "How will the Italian people react to uncommon behavior and well beyond the limit of dementia?" From 2014, they participate with their videos on the "How Much" program on Rai2 on Mondays at 23.25, conducted by Katia Follesa, alongside Nicola Savino and Rocco Tanica. From 2015, they are authors and protagonists of the social experiments of the Mediaset "Fattore Umano" broadcast, aired daily, from Monday to Friday in Italia1 preserale. They were special guest stars of the MTV Awards 2015 and the video clip "There is no trash without trash" by Fedez.

For information and registration:
Tourism Office and Manifestations Bra - 0172 430185