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The indicator of the equivalent economic situation, in acronym ISEE, is a tool that allows to measure the economic condition of families in the Italian Republic. It is an indicator that takes into account income, assets (movable and real estate) and the characteristics of a family unit (by number and type).

All forms are published on the website of theINPS - National Social Security Institute.

Download this file (DSU Integrale anno 2020.pdf)Integral DSU year 2020.pdf[Single full replacement declaration 2020]381 kB
Download this file (DSU ISEE Corrente 2020.pdf)DSU ISEE Current year 2020.pdf[ISEE DSU model current 2020]171 kB
Download this file (DSU Mini anno 2020.pdf)DSU Mini year 2020.pdf[DSU mini 2020 model]247 kB
Download this file (Instructions for compilation year 2020.pdf)Instructions for compilation year 2020.pdf[Instructions for compilation 2020]820 kB