It should be remembered that, as already advised on the occasion of last November's anniversaries, starting from the OCTOBER DUEMILADICIANNOVE for all the niches, ossuaries and manhole covers, expiring in the year 2018, referred to the notices placed at the entrances of the cemeteries and individual concessions expiring, for which no interested party has provided otherwise within the 31.12.2018, will be ordered office exhumation or exhumation charged to the Municipality, following which the following situations may occur:

1. dead body of less than 40 years: the same will be buried in the common field;

2. corpse of a deceased from over 40 years: opening of the coffin, reduction in remains if possible and placement in a common general ossuary; in the case of an unconscious body: burial in a common field (or cremation, since 30 has passed days after the publication of the aforementioned notice).

3. Remains in the ossuary or expired manholes: they will be deposited in the general ossuary.

The population is informed that if someone still intends to do so, they can turn, by no later than the 4.4.2019 to the Office of the Civil State, in via Barbacana 6, ground floor, on the following days and times: from Monday to Friday from 8,30 to 12,30 - on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15 to 16, to arrange at your own expense of the corpses contained in the aforementioned burials expiring.

Once this deadline has elapsed from April 8th, work on office exhumations will begin

Bra 21.3.2019


dr. Costanzo Fissore

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