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Attached is the list of niches, ossuaries and manholes of the various cemeteries of Bra expiring in 2020. The same lists have been posted at the entrances of the city cemeteries and on the individual concessions expiring. Interested parties must contact the municipal registry office as soon as possible, and in any case by 31 December 2020, by writing an email to to ask for information about:

  • for niches and ossuaries the possibility of renewal (no later than 50 years), to request extumulation or to fill in the request for renunciation
  • for manholes the possibility of renewal (no later than 48 years), to request exhumation or to fill in the waiver request

Those unable to access the service via e-mail can call 0172-438130 to make an appointment at the following times: from Monday to Friday from 8,45 to 12,45 and on Thursday from 8,45 to 16.

Otherwise, the exhumation / exhumation will be automatically ordered by the Municipality, following which the remains will be deposited in the general ossuary / common cinerary.

Download this file (LIST OF WEB ENTRANCE LOCULA, ALBO.pdf)LIST OF WEB ENTRANCE LOCULA, ALBO.pdf[Bandito cemetery expiring niches]6 kB
Download this file (loculi pollenzo.pdf)loculi pollenzo.pdf[Loculi expiring in Pollenzo cemetery]6 kB
Download this file (LOCULI URBANO.pdf)LOCULI URBANO.pdf[Loculi expiring urban cemetery]55 kB
Download this file (CELLETTE DEADLINES.pdf)CELLETTE DEADLINES.pdf[Cells expiring urban cemetery]5 kB
Download this file (URB OSSARI DEADLINES pdf.pdf)URB OSSARI DEADLINES pdf.pdf[Ossuaries in the urban cemetery]15 kB
Download this file (TOMBIN URB DEADLINES.pdf)DEADLINES TOMBIN URB.pdf[Tombini expiring urban cemetery]231 kB