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"There have not been any requests to host places of worship of any kind in the Riva district, as well as in other parts of the city on our territory, and it turns out that a place was actually purchased recently in Riva, through a judicial auction Obviously, it would be beyond the administration's responsibility to carry out investigations into the nature and intentions of the purchaser, which will be examined only and exclusively when and if a proceeding of any nature is initiated ".

This is Bra's mayor's answer, Bruna Sibille, to a question that, during the meeting of the city council that took place yesterday 29 on Wednesday 2015, had asked the first town information on the possible opening of "Islamic cultural centers or mosques "in the former pizzeria of the village. "We were worried because the news began to circulate in Riva and, if that were the case, the location would not be suitable as the building would not allow a large number of cars to be accommodated." the parent company of Forza Italia, Massimo Somaglia, one of the signatories of the question.
It was instead the group leader of "Bra tomorrow", Davide Tripodi, to ask for details on the new season of the Politeama theater, also with regard to the identification of "ad hoc figures who will take care of the theater. control activities against the Politeama Foundation (which on the same day opened the liquidation procedure with the identification of the liquidator in the municipal secretary Claudio Chianese, ed.) For this reason we believe it is appropriate to set up a body to support the offices composed of professionals in the theater sector, perhaps belonging to our community ". The councilor for culture Fabio Bailo anticipated that "the management of the new theater season will be like the past one, that is in direct administration by the municipal administration, with the municipal staff in service to the tourism office and events that will also deal with the Artistic direction: It is not yet possible to detail the spending budget because the bill of the 2015 / 2016 season is still being defined ".

Antenna in progress IV November
Mayor Sibille had also replied to the group leader of "Somaglia per Bra", Roberto Marengo, on perplexity about the installation of a new telephony antenna in Corso IV Novembre, pointing out "various anomalies concerning the operation of the opening of the automatic gates, on the operation anti-theft systems and other electrical problems ". "After a long process, the favorable opinion of ARPA Piedmont has arrived in recent days, supported by a measurement of 1,6 volt / meter emissions, against a legal limit of 6 volt / meter. technical report, which when available will make available to those who want to consult "- said the mayor Sibille, announcing that the municipal monitoring system of electromagnetic fields citizens would need investments to modernize the monitoring stations:" We are doing some reasoning with the Arpa (from this week in service at the new headquarters in Via Piumati Bra, ed) to see if it is possible to combine this kind of monitoring with that on air quality, which already perform. in the IV Novembre course frequencies, it is to be debited to a malfunctioning burglar alarm of a private person, not to the newly installed antennas ". Marengo himself (Somaglia per Bra), however, stressed that "the investment to replace the fixed and mobile power stations available to the municipality would be a completely justified expense, also because during the IVth of November we have perplexities on emissions values ​​that have even gone to be reduced with the installation of a new antenna ".

The conurbation to the Mobility Agency
Approved by the municipal council to join the Piedmont Mobility Agency, the new regional body that will also deal with the conurbation transport of Bra, the local public transport system that connects the city of Zizzola with Cherasco, Pocapaglia and Sanfré. "From the adhesion important implications will come down in both the financial and organizational aspects, to put order in an area where there is an extreme lack of homogeneity in the Piedmont area" - said the leader of "Con Sibille for Bra", Pietro Ferrero, who from the first citizen has been delegated to deal with the transport sector. Continuing: "After a season of linear cuts, which also heavily affected our conurbation, the region realized that it was necessary to close the disputes born with the delegated bodies and entrust the study to a third body for a complete reorganization and centralization. of services, if they wanted to obtain savings that would allow them to absorb cuts and, where possible, avoid overlap and improve services ".
"Our conurbation has always suffered penalties with respect to other Piedmontese realities, so the goal of smoothing out the lack of homogeneity can be shared, and the means available to carry out the task efficiently and effectively, as well as the actual possibility of our territory, are perplexed. to influence decisions that will affect us directly "- said the leader of" Bra tomorrow ", Davide Tripodi, president of the municipal services commission. The group leader of the "5 Stars Movement" echoed Claudio Allasia, who considered the transition to a regional basin to be positive, because it could lead to homogeneity, creating the opportunity for a real reorganization of local public transport services, in a context in which the transport of Braida would need a complete reinterpretation both in terms of lines and means ", and the leader of" Forza Italia ", Massimo Somaglia, who expressed" uncertainty about the need to centralize skills that today were on the territory, even in the hope that the reorganization can be reaped also because so far Bra has always been penalized ".
"To ensure such a delicate and complex passage will be an agency that is none other than the agency that has managed to set up the metropolitan railway service, an organization formed by capable technicians who I imagine will be joined by voices from the territories" - said the mayor Sibille, with the councilor Ferrero (with Sibille for Bra) that concluded by recalling the proposed statute and convention provide as "the institutions will have all the faculties to intervene concretely on the definition of the service, but it is a right that we will then have to exercise. that our conurbation should be turned like a sock, adjusting its schedules and enlarging it to other neighboring municipalities, such as Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva Bosco or Cervere ".
The board then approved by a majority the document on the recognition of balance sheet balances. "The accounts are balanced even in their projection at the end of the year, so no intervention is necessary" - said deputy mayor Giovanni Fogliato, adding: "Curious that the legislature has decided to anticipate this recognition by the end of July, in a year in which it was possible to approve the forecast budgets on the same date .. More coherence would be needed to make the municipalities able to approve the estimates by the end of the previous year ".
The session ended after two hours of debate and the full video is available on streaming at or on the "comune" channel of You tube. (Rg)