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"Big Eyes", the incredible true story of one of the most legendary artistic frauds in the history told by the visionary director Tim Burton, will be the protagonist of the next appointment with the traveling cinema, scheduled for Thursday 6 August at 22 in Bra , in Piazza Giolitti.

The film tells of Margaret Keane, played by Amy Adams, winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actress, and her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz), whose enigmatic paintings of children with big eyes became a real phenomenon in the United States among the sixties and seventies. Until the truth emerges: the paintings, in reality, are not his work, but of his wife. Apparently, the Keane's fortune was built on a huge lie, to which the whole world had believed. Margaret Keane, who now lives in California, appears in a cameo from the Tim Burton film, which she called "fantastic and very accurate".

"Periferia cuore della città" continues with "The imitation game" (13 August, Bandito district), "The wind rises" (20 August, Madonna Fiori district), "The Bélier family" (27 August, San Matteo fraction) and "Barbecue" (3 September, fraction Pollenzo). Free admission. More information at the municipal tourist office at the telephone number 0172.430185, on the web at the addresses and and on the main social channels, looking for @comunebra. (Em)

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