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Scroll Bra for those who do not clean ditches and private streets bordering on communal roads, neighborhoods, or public passage. To set it up, an ordinance issued by the civil administration that provides for sanctions up to EUR 500 for all owners of property or land facing the roads that do not provide maintenance, resulting in accumulation of material on the roads, especially in case of heavy thunderstorms, thus preventing water from flowing and flooding.

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In particular, the Ordinance requires the excavation "to the level and size due to the width and depth of the ditches adjacent to the aforementioned roads, the clearance of access bridges to private funds, drainage tanks, grids, wells and sewers of road prone properties, removal of any obstacles so that free flow of muddy waters is ensured, guaranteed and facilitated, the timely removal of landslides and the execution of all such work to avoid their occurrence; of eyelashes facing the communal streets and public neighbors from the weeds, to the realization of all the ditches that are needed for the regular flow of waters that are collected upstream of the funds, even if coming from lands of other properties, to the realization of all those interventions designed to avoid flooding and / or non-exhaustion situations and in any case acts potentially hazardous for private and public safety; to the regeneration of meteoric waters, coming from private roads, through suitable connections to ditches or white sewers, so as to avoid the drainage of the same on public land; to care that from private naughty roads, it must not be discharged and deposited of inert material on public ground or inside crawls and / or grids at the same time as discharge water; the removal of inert material deposited on public ground from private gravel roads and the cleaning of clogs and / or clogged grids. Otherwise private and / or private will be solely responsible for any damage caused, and required to be cleansed including the collection cadets. "
The text of the ordinance is published at the pretorio of the official website of the civic administration, at For more information and inquiries, please contact the municipal public works division, by calling the 0172.438246 number or by writing to: (Rg)