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The municipal tax office is available to all taxpayers for help in calculating the municipal taxes due. The calculation is carried out on the basis of the data declared by users but does not affect the future possibility of checks and controls. 

No calculations will be made at the counter in the case of succession or if the number of properties or land per individual taxpayer is greater than ten, including the related appurtenances.


Those who request the calculation for third parties (relatives, relatives or acquaintances) are required to submit a written proxy from the interested party on plain paper, attaching a copy of the identity card of the delegator. The office calculates the tax for a maximum of two proxies per person.


Download this file (dilazione_richiesta.docx)extension_richiesta.docx[Deferred payments. Physical person request form.]7 kB
Download this file (dilazione_richiesta_personegiuridiche.docx)deferment_richiesta_personegiuridiche.docx[Deferred payments. Legal entity request form.]7 kB