Bra's stage is on TV on the stage of "Police District" by Neapolitan Gianni Ferreri and Florentine Daniela Morozzi. The occasion is the exhilarating comedy directed by Toni Fornari "Call it Still Love", scheduled at Politeama Boglione Theater on Monday 9 February at 21.

"Call it Still Love" is a family story: the protagonists are a pair apparently affiatata, but who cares an inconfessable secret. Right on the eve of the golden wedding, the son finds out that the father and mother, unbeknown to the other, have a chat-related relationship that begins with the real encounter of mutual "virtual lovers ". A brilliant comedy that forces her son to devise a diabolical plan to prevent a dangerous encounter and save, at any cost, the parents' marriage, in a continuous reversal of roles. Along with Daniela Morozzi and Gianni Ferreri will stage the young and talented Emanuele Propizio, known to the general public for his cinematographic and television interpretations, including "The Highs", "Love Manual 3" and Claudio's latest film Changing it "The penguin move". Closes the cast Giulia Marinelli, who plays his son's girlfriend.

The show is Golden and written by the well-known team of authors composed by Augusto and Toni Fornari, Andrea Maia and Vincenzo Sinopoli. The tickets for the show are on sale at 20 euro (reduced 18 euro) at the Politeama theater box, in Carlo Alberto square, on Friday from 17 at 19 and on Saturday, from 10 to 12. More information at 0172.430185 or at the site. (Em)

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