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The Ministerial Decree n. 55 of April 3, 2013, which entered into force on June 6, 2013, established the effective date of the obligations for the use of electronic invoicing in economic relations with the Public Administration pursuant to Law 244/2007, art. 1 paragraphs 209 to 214. In compliance with this provision, the Municipality of Bra, starting from 31.03.2015, will no longer be able to accept invoices that are not sent electronically according to the format referred to in Annex A of the aforementioned Ministerial Decree. 55/13.

Furthermore, after 3 months from this date, the Municipality of Bra will not be able to make any payment, not even partial, until the invoice is received in electronic format. For the above purposes, article 3 paragraph 1 of the aforementioned Ministerial Decree no. 55/13 provides that the Administration identifies one or more offices in charge of receiving electronic invoices by inserting them in the Index of Public Administrations (IPA), which will issue a Unique Office Code for each of them according to the procedures set out in the annex D "Office Codes".

The Univocal Office Code is a mandatory information of the electronic invoice and represents the unique identifier that allows the Interchange System (SdI), managed by the Revenue Agency, to correctly deliver the electronic invoice to the recipient office. For the Municipality of Bra, the Univocal Office Code to which the electronic invoices for each existing contract must be addressed starting from 31.03.2015 is 1OJA07.

In addition to the "Univocal Office Code" which must be mandatory in the "Recipient Code" element of the electronic invoice trace, you must also include in the invoice the mandatory information relating to the CUP and / or the IGC.

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