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The City of Bra has identified in its territory two new possible locations for the opening of pharmacies in the Pollenzo and Bandito hamlets. At the same time, the Piedmont Region has identified the ranking of professionals that may require its opening.

Download this file (Bra_nuovesedifarmaceutiche_deliberazione.pdf)Bra_nuovesedifarmaceutiche_deliberazione.pdf[The resolution of finding the seats of the City of Bra.]0 kB
Download this file (sedifarmaceutiche_graduatoriadefinitiva.pdf)sedifarmaceutiche_graduatoriadefinitiva.pdf[Region Piedmont region.]0 kB
Download this file (sedifarmaceutiche_graduatoria_ordinealfabetico.pdf)sedifarmaceutiche_graduatoria_ordinealfabetico.pdf[Rank Piedmont Region. Alphabetical order.]0 kB