It is a service for children of age 12-36 months who regularly attend the center for children and families "Noah's Ark".

The service, which takes place at the Nido or the Micronids, provides for the reception of children without the presence of family and parental figures, as custody will be guaranteed by the educational staff in service.

This nursing formula has been specially designed to facilitate the parent or grandfather who cares about the baby's care, giving him the opportunity to give his baby for a few hours a day, prepared and stable educative figures, already Known by the child (as the Noah's Ark attending), in an environment appropriately prepared, safe and full of stimuli.

The service must be made by booking, every single user can avail of the service from one
minimum 2 hours to a maximum of 8 hours per day in the 8.30 / 16,30 time zone. The service will be activated according to the availability of the facility's postings in accordance with the current safety regulations.

The lines are shown in the table below and you can contact the Bureau for the purchase of the tiles.