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Massimo Ranieri brings his "Riccardo III" to Bra. Monday 15 December at the 21 show-event at Politeama Boglione Theater in Piazza Carlo Alberto, with the great Shakespearian work interpreted and directed by the unforgettable "scoop". An impressive show with 18 actors, music composed specifically by Ennio Morricone, lights designed by Maurizio Fabretti and translation and adaptation by Masolino D'Amico.

In the fascinating journey that goes from "Losing Love" to "My Kingdom for a Horse", the eclectic Ranieri has placed the story of the poor deformed king who no one likes - not even his mother - in the 1950s, presenting the protagonists of the work no longer with the classic clothes of the Elizabethan period, but in smoking and papillon, between smoke and atmospheres from film noir. "Riccardo - says Massimo Ranieri - wears the costumes of evil better than anyone else. As I kept reading and rereading, I was more and more in black and white. In fact, in white and noir. Because if the giants reveal the faults on the good side, the noir makes us look at the world with the eyes of the guilty, it pushes us to find out where the roots of human evil can come. " Along with Massimo Ranieri a beautiful cast, featuring Paolo Lorimer as Duke of Buckingham, Margherita Di Rauso as the widow of Henry VI and the young lady Anna of Gaia Bassi.

The next theater event will be in music: on Tuesday 30 December, the historic structure of Piazza Carlo Alberto will host the traditional New Year's Concert, a non-subscription event organized by the Piedmont Philharmonic Orchestra. More information at 0172.430185 or at the site. (Em)

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