High school or professional? Learn a trade or technical institution? For those who do not yet have clear ideas on what to do after middle schools, the "SpaziOrientamento" evenings are back in Bra, the initiative promoted by the municipal administration and the employment center, in collaboration with the higher education institutions of town of Zizzola, to provide a detailed and complete view of the training offer in the city.

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Meetings will take place on Wednesday 26 November 2014 and will take place in the halls of the multifunctional cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" of Strong Resistance at 20: 30. In addition, Sunday 11 in January and Saturday afternoon in 17 January, Bra's upper classes will remain open to allow parents and kids to touch with their hand and see with their own eyes the structures and proposals of the braid schools.
Early evening event, Wednesday 26 November, when the institute of higher education "Velso Mucci" will illustrate its courses of graphic design and communication, the professional institute for commercial services and for food and hotel hospitality. The next day, Thursday 27 November, will be the Cnos Fap "Salesiani" professional training center to present the courses of mechanical machine tool maker, hairdresser, motor vehicle repair and bakery-pastry.
The next week, on Monday, December 1st, the equestrian high school of human sciences "San Giuseppe" will illustrate its courses, also with regard to the social economic option, while Tuesday 2 December will be the turn of the higher education institution "Ernesto Guala" will present its activities of maintenance and technical assistance, construction of environment and territory, corporate information systems, finance and marketing administration, tourism. The last meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, December 3, with the high school "Giolitti-Gandino" for scientific loos, the science of applied sciences, linguistics and classics.
As we have said, the end of the calendar is two moments in which the high schools will open their doors. Sunday 11 January 2015 from ten to noon and from 15 to 18, as well as Saturday 17 January from 15 to 18, all upper city schools will unlock doors to get acquainted with the premises, workshops and spaces of activity. same institutes. Entry will be free.
For more information, please visit www.bragiovani.it or contact the Bra Informagiovani, via Barabacana 8, also by calling the 0172.438241 number, writing to informagiovani@comune.bra.cn.it or following the Facebook page "Informagiovani Bra ". The "SpaziOrientamento" events are organized by the Bra Municipality and the Alba-Bra Center of the Province of Cuneo together with the Orso Social Cooperative and in collaboration with the high schools and vocational training of Bra. (Rg)

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