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The fee for the publicity service is reduced to half:

  • for posters exclusively involving the State and local government agencies and which do not fall within the cases for which exemption is provided;
  • for posters of committees, associations, foundations and any other body that has no purpose for profit;
  • for posters related to political, trade union and cultural activities, cultural, sporting, philanthropic and religious activities, from anyone who has realized, with the patronage or participation of local government agencies;
  • for posters related to patriotic, religious, traveling and charity celebrations;
  • for mortar announcements.



They are exempt from the right to publicity:

  • posters relating to the institutional activities of the municipality which it has carried out exclusively, exhibited within its territory;
  • the posters of the military authorities regarding the inscriptions on the lists of leverage, call and call for weapons;
  • the posters of the state, of the regions and of the provinces regarding taxes;
  • posters of police authorities in public security;
  • post-referendum leaflets on the referendum, political elections, the European Parliament, regional and administrative ones;
  • any other poster whose display is mandatory by law;
  • posters about free school and professional courses regularly licensed by the relevant bodies (Ministry, Region, Province, City).