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The implants (single-faced, two-faced and polyphatic) can be identified according to the format of the posters and the features of the medium.

  • Ordinary installations intended for the conveyance of one or more sheets 70 cm. x 100 cm, without any message connection between them.
  • Special installations for the posting of posters consisting of several sheets 70 cm. x 100 cm., having message uniqueness and therefore with constraint constraint, which is necessary for systems with specific dimensional characteristics - 100 cm. x 140 cm., 140 cm x 100, 70 cm x 100 cm, 140 cm. x 200 cm., 200 cm. x 140 cm. , 120 cm x 140 cm, Poster 3 x 2 and 6 x 3.

The plants for the posting of posters have the following aims:

  • facilities for institutional messages, ie communications to citizens by the Public Administration in the broad sense, and specifically of the City;
  • facilities for funeral announcements, ie exclusively for funeral communications, normally made up of small format posters;
  • commercial message systems referring to subjects carrying out business and economic activities with a profit.