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Ordinary advertising  €. 11,612 per sqm. 

Ordinary advertising with a duration not exceeding 3 months, for each month or fraction

€. 1,611 per sqm 

Ordinary advertising with a surface area of ​​sqm. 1 and sq. 5,50 

€. 20,140 per square meter 
Ordinary advertising with a surface area of ​​sqm. 5,5 and 8,5  €. 30,210 per sqm 
Ordinary advertising with a surface area over square meters. 8,5 €. 40,281 per sqm



Advertisements made with vehicles with a capacity greater than 3.000 Kg 

€. 111,553 

Advertisements made with cars with a lower flow rate than 3.000 Kg 

€. 74,368 

Advertising with motor vehicles and vehicles not included in the previous categories 

€. 37,183 

For vehicles circulating with trailer tariffs have doubled


For vehicles, it is not due for the sole indication of the mark,

of the company name and address of the company, provided it is appropriate

no more than twice and each entry is not superimposed

to half mq.



Advertising with light panels and projections  €. 61,974 per square meter 
If it is not longer than 3 months, for each month or fraction  €. 6,197 per square meter 
For advertisements made on behalf of the company, the rates are reduced to half.   

Advertising made in public places or open to the public with slides, light projections

or cinematic, for each day, regardless of the number of messages and the

projection surface

€. 3,873



 Advertising made with banners or other similarities, which cross roads and squares, for periods of 15 gg. or fraction

€. 20,140 
Advertisement made by aircraft, for each day or fraction  €. 92,961 
Advertising performed with balloons and the like  €. 46,480 

Advertising by distribution of manifest or other advertising material, or by persons circulating with signs or other advertising means, for each person employed in distribution or performance and for each day or fraction, irrespective of the size of the advertising medium or the quantity of distributed material

€. 3,873

For advertising by means of amplifiers and the like, for each point of advertising and for each day or fraction

€. 11,619