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The dissemination of advertising messages carried out through visual or acoustic forms of communication, other than those subject to the law on public billboards, in public places or places open to the public or which is perceptible from such places, is subject to the tax on advertising. Advertising can be permanent or temporary (for a maximum duration of three months).

Advertising is subject to a tax in favor of the Bra Municipality and is considered to be taxable persons, and therefore payable principally to those who have in any way the means by which the advertising message is disseminated. Solids are the ones who produce or sell the goods or provide the services they are advertising.

For signs, affecting the urban aspect, it is necessary to contact the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality (opening hours: from 8.30 to 12.30 on the days: Monday - Wednesday and Friday - Tel. 0172.438253).

With regard to handwriting, manual distribution of advertising leaflets on the municipal territory is permitted, upon request and of course the payment of the corresponding tax. For urban decorations, it is forbidden to book on parked cars as well as to launch flyers or other advertising material.

As far as audio advertising is concerned, it is prohibited throughout the municipal area from 13pm to 16pm and from 20pm to 8am. It is also forbidden near cemeteries, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, public buildings in parks, public gardens and in any case in the vicinity of particular public or private structures of a cultural nature that could cause disturbance.

Regarding the placement of posters, it is forbidden to be affixed outside shops and shop windows, as well as specially designed spaces. The display of the same, indiscriminately on the walls, pillars, urban furniture, etc. will constitute an abusive appearance subject to the application of the sanctions provided.

Declarations for Temporary and Permanent Advertising Tax (see forms) must be submitted to the Publicity and Public Affairs Office of the Municipality prior to the display of the advertising medium and / or advertising. A special authorization will be issued to which the corresponding tax will be paid.

Annual advertising declarations also have effect for subsequent years. Any changes or cessations must be communicated promptly and in any case by January 31 to the relevant office.


Tax management and information

The management of the tax is carried out by Fraternity systems onlus which operates at the Tribute Office (Piazza Caduti for 18 freedom - third floor) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 12: 30.

Phone: 0172.438221