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Pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 14, of the 190 2012 of the 15 the person responsible for the prevention of corruption within December XNUMX of each year must draw up an annual report, on the basis of the activities carried out in the same year, on the effectiveness of the prevention measures defined by the Triennial Plan for the Prevention of Corruption.

With provision of the Mayor n. 22 of 27.04.2020 the Secretary General, Monica Basso, was appointed as responsible for the prevention of corruption in the Municipality of Bra.

Download this file (Brain Relationships_2014.xlsx)relazione_RCPT_Bra_2014[activity report 2014]0 kB
Download this file (bra_schedaanticorruzione_agosto2014.pdf)anticorruption sheet_bra_2014[The Prefettura-ANAC Agenda of 2014 August.]0 kB
Download this file (nomina_responsabile_anticorruzione_basso_27.04.2020.pdf)Appoint RPCT_Bra_2020[The appointment order]115 kB
Download this file (anticorruzione_ report_Bra_2019.pdf)relazione_RCPT_Bra_2019[Year 2019. The activity report]271 kB
Download this file (report_attivita20132014.pdf)relazione_attivita20132014.pdf[The 2013 and 2014 Activity Report.]0 kB
Download this file (Rapporto_RCP_Bra_2018.xlsx)Relazione_RCP_Bra_2018.xlsx[Year 2018. The activity report]63 kB
Download this file (report_RPCBra_2016.xlsx)Year 2016. The Activity Report[The 2016 Activity Report.]74 kB
Download this file (Rapporto_RPCT_Bra_2017.xlsx)relazione_RPCT_Bra_2017.xlsx[Year 2017. The activity report]86 kB
Download this file (report_RPC_Bra_2015.xlsx)relazione_RPC_Bra_2015.xlsx[Year 2015. The activity report.]0 kB