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In Bra, the Tasi (the new tax on indivisible services) for the 16 will be paid within December 2014, in one installment. The municipal administration of the city of Zizzola has in fact already approved for a long time the deliberation establishing the tax and the relative rates within the single municipal tax (in the IUC code, of which the Tasi, together with the Tari waste tax and Imu, is part) but by providing, in the first year of application of the tax, a single deadline to December 16, thus excluding the first installment of the 16 June.

The 16 June 2014 remains the deadline of the first installment of the IMU. Also this year the exclusion from the payment of the first houses is confirmed (if not luxury and stacked in the categories A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9) and, in Bra, they are assimilated to the first houses, and therefore not subject to to the IMU, even homes granted on loan to relatives within the first degree provided that the tenant has an ISEE of less than fifteen thousand euros, as well as the homes of residents abroad and of elderly and disabled residents in places of admission. On the website, in addition to a detail on rates and tax payment methods, there is an online calculator to verify the exact amount of the Imu to be paid. (Rg)