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With a touring session, this morning on Monday 5 May 2014, the two years of activity of the city council of the boys of Bra, before the autumn elections that will renew the body of participation of students of the last two classes of primary school and of the lower secondary cycle. The work of the young councilors began at the civic museum of natural history "Craveri", where Rino Brancato, from the staff of the municipal structure, illustrated some methods for assessing air, water and soil pollution, at the conclusion of a work done by the boys' council on atmospheric pollution.

A moment of sitting.

After an introduction of the activities carried out by the councilor Giovanni Fogliato and the president of the city council Fabio Bailo, the experience of the young protagonists of the project "Coloriamo la città" was narrated. In particular, it was Professor Marina Isu of the Braidese state secondary school to present activities and motivations that prompted the group of young people to engage in a series of social activities. The session was then concluded at the museum built in the birthplace of St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, where the mayor Bruna Sibille and Sister Maria Teresa Colombo, along with the tourist guide Mattia Savigliano, have made known to young people one of the landmarks of the city, which it is located right in front of the town hall. (Rg)