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A public notice in Bra for four semester internships for young unemployed unemployed people. The initiative will allow braidesi under 40, disabled, unemployed or unemployed, to be able to do a period of internship in local companies with the aim of entering or re-entering the world of work, through an experience that will not lose the status of unemployment but to obtain an allowance of participation of three hundred euros per month for each trainee, against a commitment of twenty hours per week for a period of six months.

By Friday 23 May 2014 may request to be included in the ranking the residents of Bra adult but who have not exceeded forty years of age, who have not been convicted of criminal and are in possession of political and civil rights, who are enrolled in the Center for the Alba-Bra employment and in possession of the card for the "definition of the working capacity" foreseen by the 268 law of the 1999. The questions must be presented on the basis of the indications of the announcement published on the web at in the "Work" section, by noon on Friday 23 May (the postmark for submissions by mail).
For more information, please contact the Active Labor Policies Service or the municipal informagiovani, via Barbacana 8, from 9 to 12: 30 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or from 15 to 16: 30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Or by calling the 0172.438241 or 0172.412283 numbers, and writing to or (Rg)