Fired twice driving without a license, a sixty-year-old motorist from Sanfré was reported by the municipal police officers of Bra. Already in recent months, RN, had been stopped by a patrol of the municipal police of the city of Zizzola, discovering that he was driving despite the suspension of the license, thus imposing the administrative shutdown of the vehicle. To avoid the application of the sanction, the man had also tried to bribe the public officials, asking to "turn a blind eye". This affirmation that had cost him the referral in a state of freedom to the Attorney of the Republic of Asti.

municipal police car

Following this, the Prefecture of Cuneo had issued a provision revoking the guide document, notified only in recent days. In the early morning of today, Thursday 17 April 2014, a municipal police patrol in Brač has, however, noticed again the man driving his Volkswagen Golf. After having stopped him in Viale Risorgimento, the agents proceeded to subject the vehicle to administrative detention again. The fact that he drove despite the revocation of the license has instead cost to RN the referral in a state of freedom to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Asti for the crime of driving without a license. (Municipal Police of Bra)