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Useful documentation and notices for the direct election of the Mayor and for the renewal of the City Council of 25 May 2014. The provisions must be referred, as regards the composition of the administrative bodies of the Municipality of Bra, to the Municipalities with a population of less than 30.000 inhabitants , given that the reference data are those attested to the last general census of the population and published ordinary supplement no. 209 of the Official Gazette no. 294 of 18.12.2012.


Municipalities 2014 - Renewal of Mayor and City Council of Bra

The Mayor's Candidate Programs: Bruna SibilleMassimo SomagliaClaudio AllasiaDavid Tripodi

The nominees for the position of City Councilor: candidates, the electoral lists.

Election propaganda: allocation spaces for direct propaganda.



Regional 2014 - Election President Regional Council and Regional Council of Piedmont

The candidates of the district of Cuneo.



European 2014 - Election of Italian members in the European Parliament

The candidates of the North West district.



Extraordinary Opening Electoral Office: In the two days prior to the consultation, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 May, the civic building electoral office will remain open from 9 to 18, for the release of the electoral card to those who lost it, with entry via Monte di Pietà. Sunday, 25, on the other hand, will be open at the same election time, ie from 7 to 23.



Bare and results of the consultation: At the end of the vote, the European elections will start debating, whose operations will be progressively updated on-line and in real-time on this site with regard to the twenty-seven seats in the city of Zizzola, with information on the turnout from early afternoon. Starting from Monday 14 on 26, I also bribe for regional and municipal elections, even in this case with constant real-time updates of the results on the site. Last but not least, to provide information as soon as the bills will be processed, in addition to the web publishing, an election press office will be set up in the municipal building hall (with entrance from Cadiz Square for 14 freedom) some data. The office will be open to the public in conjunction with the burial, from Sunday evening 25 May until the end of operations and from the early afternoon of Monday 26 May.



Appointment scrutiny: The municipal electoral commission meets on Monday 5 May to identify the tellers who will be part of the 28 polling stations of the Municipality of Bra for the "election day" of Sunday 25 May. According to the legislation on the matter, the commission will identify the selected candidates by drawing them from the register of scrutineers, which had to be registered from 1 to 30 November last year, as widely publicized on that occasion. As per the practice established in recent years, the commission will try to give priority, in the choice, to citizens enrolled in the Register who, in addition to being available, are students and / or are in a state of unemployment or in a disadvantaged economic situation. To this end, only those enrolled in the Register of scrutineers who are interested are invited to report, if they have not already done so, their availability to the municipal electoral office by 4 May 2014, in person during office hours or by email (, if necessary highlighting their status as students, unemployed or destitute. The meeting of the commission will begin at nine in the morning at the electoral office on the first floor of via Barbacana 6. The session is public.



Home Rating: Voting at home for those who, due to serious infirmities, cannot leave their homes. It is one of the opportunities that can be requested from the electoral office by 5 May 2014, with the opportunity to cast their vote for the European, regional and administrative elections on 25 May directly at home. The request must be motivated and accompanied by a medical certificate certifying the conditions of infirmity that make it impossible to leave the home.



Subscription Lists: All promoters of the relevant electoral lists will be able to contact the municipal election office (tel. 0172.438287 - electoral for the delivery of the forms required for the collection of the subscriptions useful for the submission of applications, subscriptions which can also take place at the Via Barbacana demographic services counters during the opening days and times, from Monday to Friday from 8: 30 to 12: 45, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15 to 16, Saturdays from 9 to noon.

Download this file (administrative2014_dirittodivotodisabili.pdf)amministrative2014_dirittodivotodisabili.pdf[Vote for the disabled. The poster.]0 kB
Download this file (designation_delegates.pdf)designazione_delegati.pdf[Delegated Designation.]0 kB
Download this file (designation_rappresentantilista.pdf)designazione_rappresentantilista.pdf[List Representative Designation.]0 kB
Download this file (e18000.doc)Attendance has been included in the candidate lists.[Attestation included in the candidate lists.]0 kB
Download this file (e18105.doc)Replacement declaration art. 12, c. 1, D.Lgs. 235 / 2012.[Replacement declaration art. 12, c. 1, D.Lgs. 235 / 2012.]0 kB
Download this file (e18110.doc)Presentation of candidates lists.[List of Candidates Presented.]0 kB
Download this file (e18120.doc)Preliminary Budget of Electoral Costs.[Pre-election balance sheet.]0 kB
Download this file (e18130.doc)Balance sheet of electoral expenses.[Balance Sheet on Electoral Costs.]0 kB
Download this file (e18200.doc)Declaration of Presentation of Candidates Lists.[Declaration of Listing of Candidates.]0 kB
Download this file (e18202.doc)Declaration of acceptance of the candidature for the position of mayor.[Declaration of acceptance of the candidacy for Mayor's office.]0 kB
Download this file (e18203.doc)Administrative program to be published on \\\\\\\\\\\\\ '[Administrative program to be published on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ '0 kB
Download this file (e18400.doc)Individual Declaration of Acceptance Application Appointed as a Municipal Advisor[Individual Declaration of Acceptance Appointment Appointed Municipal Advisor.]0 kB
Download this file (e18701.doc)Declared delegate list for connection with the Mayor.[Declared delegate list for connection with the Mayor.]0 kB
Download this file (elections2014_agevolazioniviaggio.pdf)elezioni2014_agevolazioniviaggio.pdf[The Circular on Travel Facilitation.]0 kB
Download this file (proclaimed_regions2014.pdf)proclamazioneeletti_regionali2014.pdf[Regional 2014. The proclamation of the elect.]0 kB
Sign in to this URL ([Proclamation of the elect: the record.]0 kB
Download this file (propaganda_europee2014.pdf)propaganda_europee2014.pdf[Direct propaganda for the European 2014.]0 kB
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Download this file (regional2014_delegatidilista.pdf)regionali2014_delegatidilista.pdf[List delegates. 2014 Regional Elections.]0 kB
Download this file (sections_electrical_Bra.pdf)sezioni_elettorali_Bra.pdf[The 28 election sections of BRa.]0 kB
Download this file (voto_domicilio.pdf)voto_domicilio.pdf[The poster for the homeowner's vote.]0 kB