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Italian citizens residing abroad, registered in the specific electoral lists, vote by correspondence. With this objective, a foreign constituency is established, as provided for by article 48 of the Constitution, for the election of the Chambers.

The vote by correspondence of Italians abroad is also envisaged for abrogative and confirmatory referendums, governed respectively by articles 75 and 138 of the Constitution.

Voting by correspondence is the ordinary method of voting. Alternatively, the Italian citizen residing abroad can opt, within the deadline set by law, to vote in Italy, at the electoral sections of the municipality in whose electoral lists he is registered, for candidates who present themselves in the districts and regions of the national territory. . The option is exercised with a written communication addressed to the Consulate of residence by 31 December of the year preceding the one envisaged for the natural expiry of the legislature or, in the event of early dissolution of the Chambers or calling of a popular referendum, by the tenth. the day following the call for voting.

Italian voters resident in States with which the Italian Government has not been able to conclude agreements to ensure that the right to vote takes place in conditions of equality, freedom and secrecy, or in States whose political situation or company does not guarantee, even temporarily, the exercise of the right to vote according to these conditions.

Where these situations occur that do not allow the exercise of voting by correspondence, organizational measures are adopted to give the possibility to Italian citizens residing in these States to vote in Italy. A postcard is sent to these voters by the municipalities on whose lists they are registered with a notice regarding the date and times for exercising the vote in Italy.