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The 31 article, 45 and following paragraphs, of the 23.12.1998 Law n. 448 (text attached to the Financial Law for the 1999 Year) allows municipalities to transfer the areas already granted under the law of property to property and to eliminate the conventional constraints on housing made on the properties transferred to property rights in the " in the context of public housing construction agreements under the 35 865 / 71 Act and subsequent amendments and additions.
The 7 Law August 2012, n. 135 has modified the above Law no. 448 / 1998, enabling interested parties who wish to acquire the full ownership of their homes the possibility of replacing the existing conventions with a duration of 20 years deducted from the years already passed by paying the municipality a fee calculated by the competent municipal technical office , based on thousands of properties. If 20 years have elapsed since the original agreement, it is possible to acquire the property of the area by paying the above consideration and freeing the price of the accommodation.

Similar possibility is granted to owners of housing built on PEEP areas, already assigned to property rights, for the elimination of the restrictions on the alienation of housing established by law no. 865 / 71.
In addition, according to the recent 14 / 2012 Law, it is possible to release the sale price by paying the fee provided for by current legislation to be calculated according to the criteria and approved by the Municipal Administration.

The procedure was foreseen and regulated for the city of Bra from the deliberation of the City Council no. 52 on 28.11.2013 date. The Municipal Council, with deliberation no. 315 of 10.12.2013, has therefore approved specific procedures for the implementation of the above.
The application must be filed with the Financial Department of the Financial Department of the City of Bra, Caduti per Libertà n. 14, on special forms also available at the office itself. Public Reception Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.45 to 12.30.
The exploratory procedure regarding the elimination of conventional constraints, with the determination of the amount due and the related communication, ends within 60 days from the date of submission of the application, except for special examination requirements. The service is onerous, but the amount paid by way of secretarial fees will be deducted from the payment for the final payment.

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