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Outdoor advertising and public billboards are subject, according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 15.11.1993, n. 507 and subsequent amendments, respectively to a tax or a right in favor of the Municipality in whose territory they are carried out.


End Date

September 30 in the year 2020

By August 2020, holders of permanent authorizations receive a notice from the Municipality of Bra indicating deadlines, methods and payment amount.


How do you pay

By postal order or F24 proxy.

In the event that you decide to pay in a single solution, the data contained in the postal slips sent in attachment to the notice can be reported on a blank bulletin, available at the post offices, indicating the full amount due for the year . 

Mailletters can be paid at the 14.000 branches of Poste Italiane or:

  • on current bank accounts, even online, for institutes offering the service;
  • at large distribution chains;
  • at Lottomatica or Sisal points;
  • with bank account or credit card on site or by using the "Bollettino" of Poste Italiane

Each method involves different costs for users.


Tax management and information

The management of the tax is carried out by Fraternity systems onlus which operates at the Tribute Office (Piazza Caduti for 18 freedom - third floor) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 12: 30.

Phone: 0172.438221



Download this file (icp2019_tariffe.pdf)icp2019_tariffe.pdf[ICP. 2019 rates.]181 kB
Download this file (icp_2018.pdf)icp_2018.pdf[ICP. 2018 rates.]116 kB
Download this file (icp_dpa_2020_dgc_279_2019.pdf)icp_dpa_2020_dgc_279_2019.pdf[ICP. 2020 rates.]113 kB
Download this file (TARIFFS ICP 2017.pdf)Advertising tax. Rates.[ICP. 2017 rates.]132 kB