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Italian citizenship is purchased for:

• residence
• marriage
• descent
• purchase
• repurchase

Applications for obtaining Italian citizenship following residence or marriage must be submitted to the local Prefecture. 

The citizenship office of the Municipality of Bra deals with:

1) oaths for the acquisition of Italian citizenship by naturalization

Following the decree granting citizenship for place of residence o wedding the Prefettuira di Cuneo invites the interested party to collect the same who must deliver it in original directly to the Civil Status Office of the Municipality of residence

To do

go to the citizenship office to make an appointment to make the oath before the Mayor or his delegate after receiving the summons, with notice postcard, from the Registrar of the Municipality of Bra

NB Minor children living with the person taking the oath also become Italian citizens, but once they reach the age of majority they can renounce them. (Article 14 of Law 91/1992)

2) recognition of citizenship for foreign citizens of Italian origin "jure sanguinis";

To do

submit to the citizenship office an application with stamp duty and documentation as per the attached models. (Article 1 of Law 91/1992)

• See attachment A for information jure sanguinis

• See attachment B for application to the Mayor jure sanguinis

3) receipt of declarations of purchase or renunciation of citizenship in the cases provided for by law;

• foreigner born in Italy, duly registered in the registry (art. 4 law 91/1992)

To do

Go to the citizenship office to make the declaration of purchase, expected between 18 and 19 years of age, with a valid document and a regular residence permit.


• foreigner recognized during the age of majority (art. 2 law 91/1992)

To do

Go to the citizenship office to make the declaration of the Italian city election within 1 year of recognition, with a valid document and regular residence permit.


• renunciation of Italian citizenship, with transfer of residence abroad. (art.11 law 91/1992)


• renunciation of Italian citizenship (pursuant to Article 14 of Law 91/92) without transferring residence abroad.

To do

Go to the citizenship office to make the declaration of renunciation, with a valid document.

4) who lost Italian citizenship following:

• foreign naturalization; (law 555/1912 in force until 15.08.1992)

• waiver with declaration made abroad; (art.11 law 91/1992 or art.7 law 555/1912)

• option for foreign citizenship; (Article 5 of Law 123/1983)

• marriage with a foreign citizen before 15.05.1975 (Law 151/1975)

by returning to Italy and establishing the residence, he can regain Italian citizenship (art.13 law 91/92)

To do

Go to the citizenship office with a valid document and a regular residence permit

NB Anyone who has no intention of regaining Italian citizenship can make a declaration of renunciation of the repurchase, always within the year of returning. (Article 13 of Law 91/1992).

5) the attribution of Italian citizenship by law

in the case of the child of unknown persons, stateless persons or of citizens whose state does not recognize citizenship, it is handled directly by the citizenship office without request from the interested parties.

The declarations for the purchase, the repurchase, the renunciation and the renunciation of the repurchase of the Italian citizenship are subject to a payment of 250 euros addressed to the Ministry of the Interior to be made exclusively after contacting the aforementioned office.


Given the particularity of the matter and the innumerable nuances of the cases, the necessary documentation will be indicated directly to the interested parties by the citizenship office, which it is advisable to always contact before starting any procedure.



Download this file (Attachment A - iure sanguinis.pdf)Attachment A - iure sanguinis.pdf[Iure sanguinis]84 kB
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