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The City Administration has promoted voluntary civic service for older people in order to enhance their skills and experiences.

Areas of intervention:

1) cultural and urban information and orientation;

2) collaboration with the Municipal Police in the control of pedestrian crossings;

3) Pedibus project;

4) assistance on school bus;

5) monitoring of public parks, urban furnishings and, more generally, care of the city.

The Volunteer Civic Service of the Elders will last for a minimum of eight months. The service can be renewed in the following years.



To participate in the Old-Age Volunteer Service, the following requirements must be met:

  • Be resident or domiciled in the City of Bra.

  • Have an age between 65 and 80 years or have an age below the 65 years and retire.

Organization of the Service and Timetables

Older volunteers will be placed in a suitable ranking according to availability and interest shown. The various activities provide different times and times that will be agreed on the actual needs of the individual services and the willingness of the volunteers. Any absences should be reported to allow for possible substitutions.

Each volunteer will be covered by third-party liability insurance and accident. FormationOld volunteers will, prior to performing the various services, follow a short training course in order to acquire the basic knowledge to best perform their duties. Elderly persons engaged in civic service activities may be awarded, not as a remuneration or consideration, in the enjoyment of services such as transport, car parks, cultural services (theater and cinema).